Friday, 6 May 2011

Calling all ye Funky Graphic Designers to be a part of the FYI Team!

We're looking to hire part time designers  working from home at flexible hours...

Job description:
Anyone who can creatively doodle with:
Corel Draw
Adobe Suite

FYI Rules!!

Must have a mad sense of Humor (which will be put to test)
Must know how to make Chai .... and the ocassional sandwich ( We'll like you better then )
Must not refrain from singing on Karaoke Nights

So if you have what  it takes... we'll take what you have ;)

Contact us with portfolio:
Rivka: 9823592484
Naina: 9850096111
May the Funk be with you!!


  1. You know I can make chai, sandwich and a lot more, can I JOin??


  2. I know that you dont know how good tea I can make, but you ought to trust me with that cause I have drinking problems as far as tea is concerned. Plus the minimum quantity of tea I make in one go is 1 liter!
    Sandwich.. umm You'd have to be my guinea pig.
    Humor? Umm you can test me for that over a game of cards ;)
    Am I eligible?

  3. Hi Sneha,

    Can you please give us some more details about what kind of work you do?? It would be really helpful if you could send us a link to your work or them a couple of images and also some details about where you are based and what you do ect...

    Looking to hear from you real soon :)

    May the FUNK be with you!